Detecting micro and nanoplastics needs careful planning

Yesterday, we met with all the partners of PlastTrack at GEOMAR in Kiel. We had a lot to discuss regarding the detection of micro- and nanoplastics. The discussion covered topics like sample preparation and purification, particle sizing, and various approaches to identify and characterize plastics. Each partner had a different viewpoint on the detection process, …

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New technology will improve environmental monitoring: The AutoSPAN project tracks PFAS contamination in real time Very good news that supports our activities in PlastTrack.  Casper Kunstmann and Jacek Fiutowski work together on a project that allows autosampling to track PFAS in water.  Read the full article here.

Industry Day at SDU

Hvornår: 29. November 2023
Tid: 13:00-15:30
Sted: SDU, Alsion 2, Sønderborg, room U109

What happened since the Kick-off?

At the start of the project, we ensured everyone involved was on the same page by defining responsibilities and finished all the necessary formalities. We are excited that everyone is on board and that we can move forward with our plans. With our team in place, we started to determine reference materials. That is a …

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