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Technological platform for micro- and nanoplastics tracking

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Imaging Workshop

Soon you will find an invitation for our imaging workshop that we plan for 11 June 2024


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Watch a video from the launch of a sediment trap in Eckernförde Bucht.

The sediment trap onboard of the RV Alkor. In the morning hours of January 18, the RV Alkor, the main research vessel …

Yesterday, we met with all the partners of PlastTrack at GEOMAR in Kiel. We had a lot to discuss regarding the detection …


New technology will improve environmental monitoring: The AutoSPAN project tracks PFAS contamination in real time Very good news that supports our activities …

Industry Day at SDU

Hvornår: 29. November 2023 Tid: 13:00-15:30 Sted: SDU, Alsion 2, Sønderborg, room U109

At the start of the project, we ensured everyone involved was on the same page by defining responsibilities and finished all the …

Many scientists worldwide put a lot of effort into investigating the causes and effects of the disruptive changes around us. One session presented two of our projects: PlastTrack and PRECISE.

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